Meditation Evening Cascais – Connect with the Centre of your Heart


Warm body and soul with this Meditation plus Dinner Evening in Cascais / Estoril – Every third Wednesday of the month.

Connect with your heart, meet likeminded people and enjoy a great veggie-soup afterwards.

Location: Avenida de Portugal 779    2765-272 Estoril

How to get there: 

When you come up the Avenida de Portugal from the Casino and Fare-Centre, you go up
the hill, pass the police station on the left and then a small road coming from the left.
About 200m from this junction the road makes a slight curve to the left, Avenida de Portugal 779
is on the left side, just before this curve.


Did you know, that creating coherence in your heart makes not only your soul happy but your body, too? In the same moment your heart is reaching a peaceful state, it sends signals to the brain which then sends signals to the body, making the most magnificent hormonal and chemical cocktail for longevity, health and healing and at the same time start to reboot your immune-system?

We all can learn happiness – it’s a skill like driving a car or riding a bicycle. When you do it often enough, your brain will catch up on your new style of thinking and feeling and you will start to have the most beautiful experiences in your life.

Come and join me for another “Be-happy” Meditation event. As always we will serve a delicious soup and good wine afterwards, so not only your soul is satisfied, but your tummy, too.



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