Strength and serenity with the trust-your-self meditation

Nowadays, we are used to the fact that our minds dominate us during the day, while our heart and gut feeling are rather short. The consequence of this is: we are not in balance, because as human beings we need the presence of all three forces to feel well and internally harmonious. Instead, we are stressed and driven without knowing exactly why. Something seems to be missing, which we cannot pinpoint. Although we may have objectively everything we need, we feel a latent discontent and a deficiency that we cannot rationally explain. We are prone to all stimuli that emanate from the outside, perhaps overly nervous or even depressed. We often react with seemingly irrational fears and even trifles throw us out of the way. We live in very turbulent times and have created an environment that often demands a great deal, not infrequently overwhelms us. All these feelings of unease indicate that we have lost contact with ourselves and are no longer associated with our intuition and our inner core. No matter how sophisticated and engineered our society is, we do not fail to indulge in rest periods in which we seek and nurture contact with ourselves. To feel this inner strength is the only truly reliable thing that allows us to be strong and independent even in times of crisis. Our inner voice is always there. We just have to learn to listen again. The literal translation of “meditation” means: “become acquainted with…” Make yourself familiar with yourself. With the trust your self meditation. Because the answer lies in you.


Harmony and freedom with the trust-your-self meditation

We need an anchor that connects us with something in all times, but especially in challenging periods of life, which is greater than our mind. Something we can rely on regardless of what happens in our outside world. What is always there and what we can always retrieve. 

The well-known psychiatrist and founder of Analytic psychology, Carl Gustav Jung, has defined this inner reference point as our core. It is what makes us in the innermost, what was there when we were born and which makes us something very special with all abilities and talents. It is the part in us that connects us with the great whole. Who always remained young and independent of our age, our gender, our profession, our skin colour, our sexual orientation, our marital status or where we were born. It is the part in us that never ceases to dream and knows exactly what we are capable of. It is as individual as our fingerprint and makes us distinctive, special and great. But although he is always there, it is easy to lose contact with him, because in our rational age we have not learned to cultivate the relationship with him. But he’s always there, and it’s never too late to make the decision to come in contact with him.

The Trust your self meditation is your way to connect with this core and bring joy of life and harmony, regardless of the external life circumstances, into your life.

Energy and strength through the trust-your-self meditation

Many times in life we experience the feeling of being one-being rather randomly: when we enjoy wonderful nature experiences, are stuck in creative processes or are in love. By meditating, we find that we have carried this inner richness in us all the time. We also find that he is familiar with us, because as children, we have most of the day been in this state of Oneness. The wonderful thing is: the more time we take for meditation, the easier we can get positive feelings like happiness, harmony, love in US. At the same time, we start to use our brain better and more meaningfully. We learn more easily, are more focused, more focused and more stress-resistant. Holistic states of consciousness are becoming more and more familiar and we are beginning to positively influence our days. Instead of exercising unilaterally the mind and the ration, meditation brings us a state of harmony, strength and energy.

We have discovered a source of power in us that we can always rely on. 

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