Sometimes you need a helping hand

There are always times in life in which we stand at crossroads and ask ourselves which is probably the right path for us. At such times it is helpful to have someone on the side who serves us as a mirror of our own soul and helps us to find out what we really want in our innermost core. Because often we have reluctant impulses in us that drive us in one direction and the other at the same time and overlay our inner truth. Because the voice of intuition is quiet and not always we perceive your signals in the noise of the competing feelings and thoughts clearly.

Clarity and structure through Trust-your-Self coaching

Coaching sees itself as an accompaniment in important stages of life in order to gain clarity about a particular life situation. This can be a professional, family, partnership, health or spiritual nature. Trust-your-self coaching always looks at you as a unit in which body, mind and soul interact and influence each other. 



In coaching we find out together what your question is and in which direction you want a change or improvement of your life. Once a clear goal is defined, I will accompany you in defining what steps are necessary to achieve this goal. In doing so, I act as a soundboard for you, because the answer is always in you and is already there, it may seem so hidden at first.

Self-confidence and courage with the trust-your-Self coaching

As soon as the steps necessary for a change are established, I accompany you in the implementation and encourage you where uncertainties or fears occur, which are completely normal when it comes to entering unknown terrain. It is particularly important to consider the unconscious behaviour patterns that act like a blockade in the desired development if they are not recognized and converted. There are very innovative techniques that will help you to manifest the desired in your life. And you experience: the more you develop into what you really are, the more courageous and confident and happier you will feel. Because to have become the true protagonist of your life. 

Your Coaching