What makes a midwife to become a meditation trainer and a life coach?

A few years ago: After 18 years of fulfilling and fulfilling midwife activity as a freelance midwife, I had helped hundreds of babies on the world and accompanied young families in their first steps into a life with children. I and my family lived with the fact that I was constantly rufbereit, always on the go when a birth was announced and I dropped everything on a call and left and for hours, sometimes for 1-2 days, was with the people I had taken care of. The many years of the unplannable rhythm of life, coupled with the high responsibility for human life and the simultaneous balancing act of meeting my family, had left their mark. More and more often I felt exhausted, woke up in the middle of the night and could not sleep anymore, or suffered from diffuse anxiety, which I did not master. 


Signs of burnout

One morning I stood in my garden and knew: if I don’t change anything soon, I get seriously ill. From today’s point of view, I would say: I was on the verge of burnout. At that time, the word was not so well known, but many of the symptoms that I perceived to me indicated.

I decided to change something and gave my dream job to a heavy heart without knowing exactly how to proceed. A multi-month trip through Argentina in a motorhome should give me the time and tranquillity I needed to re-orient myself. During this time I spent a lot in the wild nature of South America, I began to be interested in meditation. Because despite the peace I had now, my thoughts seemed not to stand still and my sleep disturbances still accompanied me. I experimented with different meditation techniques and gradually found out that I was doing well from the method as well as from their scientific background, and that my highly developed analytical mind came to rest.

Meditation became my way

After some time of intensive meditation practice, a state of inner peace and peace, which accompanied me most of the day, became more and more common. I began to become more familiar with the unconscious shares that had remained hidden from me until then and which hindered me in many places in my life. My anxiety stopped after some time, especially after I had started to involve my body more and more in this process.

Training as an integral coach

The lasting positive effects did not allow me to go on, so I trained myself intensively and attended several meditation seminars every year. Through the experience of myself and the experience I was able to share with other participants, over the years I gained a broad knowledge of the effect and effectiveness of different meditation techniques. At the same time, I continued in Jung’s psychology and graduated as an integral coach. The result is the trust-your-self meditation technique, which I teach today in individual sessions and seminars and which is oriented towards the latest scientific research in the field.

The answer was always in me

No matter what methods or people helped me to form further and supported me in times of internal crisis, so that today I can build on a great wealth of experience-in the end, the same realization always came out for me: the answer to my Inner questions always lay within me. No man stuck in my shoes, had lived my life and gained my experience. The really good teachers were those who understood this and supported me in listening to my inner voice, the fears that prevented me from identifying, and which encouraged me to go my own way, despite fears and apprehensions.

From this awareness and deep inner experience, my meditations and my coaching are always directed to reinforce you in what is your own inner knowledge and to support you in trusting yourself and your inner impulses Follow. 

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